St Aidan's Children's Groups




The children and young people who attend St Aidan’s Church meet in 3 groups during the Sunday morning church service.

All our activities are based on the readings in Church and help the young people of St Aidan’s to begin to understand the foundations of the Christian teaching through prayer and bible readings. We have fun with various craft activities which are shown to the Vicar and the Congregation at the end of each Sunday morning service.


St Aidan’s Kindergarten

3-6 years


This group meets in the Church Hall at 10 am every week and the children join the congregation for Holy Communion and the end of the service.


St Aidan’s Adventurers and Explorers


7-11 years

11-15 years


This group meets in Church at 10am each Sunday and spends the beginning of the Service with the congregation. The young people join the Congregation for Holy Communion and the end of the Service.

On the first Sunday of the month the young people join the congregation for the whole service, often carrying out active roles in the service as Sidespersons or reading prayers.



The Children’s Groups have also enjoyed other activities, including pantomime visits and watersports activity sessions at Hollingworth Lake. The children and young people are encouraged to take a full part in the life of St Aidan’s Church,  participating in services and social activities.



We have a strong group of Children & Youth Leaders who guide the children and provide a varied programme each week. We have a Policy Statement which is  approved by our Parish Church Council. Advice and training is readily available from the Manchester Diocese Board of Education and contacts are maintained with other Children & Youth Leaders in the local areas.


If you would like any further information

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St Aidan's Children's Groups Sunday School Work
Pentecost Sunday 2014

St Aidan's Children's Groups Art Work
Children's Group Art Work Aug 2012

St Aidan's Policy Statement on Children, Young People and Our Church
St Aidan's Children Policy